How To Use Google Search Console

For those of you not in the know, Google Webmaster Tools is now called Google Search Console. It is basically the same thing, but now it has a larger emphasis on search engine traffic to better inform you about search engine information such as the keywords that are bringing you traffic and your rank for them.

The 6 User Metrics That Affect Your Ranking In Google

How people interact with your site is referred to as user metrics and helps Google determine the amount of quality your site does or does not provide to your visitors. 

Google tracks how people interact with your site through a number of ways including their own SERPs and through Google Analytics that are installed on your site, the Google toolbar, and even through their web browser Google Chrome. When all of these are combined it gives Google a thorough representation of your site’s user metrics.

6 Tips on How to Write Quality Content

Is your content boring, aimless, blasé, or just plain bad? Actually take a second and think about it; read your last few articles under that lens.

It’s very easy to fall into a formula which you think works and get complacent, even when you’re not getting the response from the search engines or your audience that you want.

What is An Authority Site?

An authority site is a slightly generic and admittedly ambiguous term for a website with a great deal of authority. Perhaps the better question to answer is what gives a website authority, so let's address and answer the question of what is an authority site right now in this article.

What Is An Authority Site?

A site is said to have authority based on a small handful of criteria:

Examples of Great Titles

A great title for your post/page/article is the best way to ensure a good click through rate in the SERPs which in addition to bringing in traffic, it actually helps raise your ranking even higher, so it's paramount that you begin every new piece of content you create on site with an alluring title. It's the first impression you can make, so let's make it count.

How to Do Keyword Research Correctly

Even today, keyword research is still immensely important for finding the right keywords to implement to your content. There are four major points of criteria which you need to fulfill to find the right keywords to base your content around, so without wasting any time, let's talk about how to do keyword research correctly.