What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, you may not be familiar with SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is an acronym which stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. If you do a search on Google for any keyword or phrase you’ll likely get millions of returned results for your query.

what is seo search engine optimization

These results aren’t arbitrarily thrown together but rather are meticulously ranked using hundreds if not thousands of metrics. Your website or any other content on the Internet can be optimized in different ways to appeal to search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo so that they will place your content higher than that of your peers/competition.

With search engines acting as the primary gateway to the Internet for most people, realizing a top spot on Google is a hot commodity and consequently so too has search engine optimization become. Most people also use the Internet over any other medium to find what they’re looking for, so your visibility in the search engine results pages (referred to as the SERPs for short) is paramount to your success.

According to a study done by Chitika two years ago, the number 1 ranked website in Google receives approximately 33% of click throughs for any given search term:

A similar experiment conducted last year by AWR yielded remarkably similar results for the top ranking web page in Google:

That’s roughly TWICE as many clicks as the second ranked page receives and the further down your website is listed on the first page in Google’s SERPs for any keyword then obviously the less clicks you’ll receive.

Another shocking statistic is that the first page receives roughly 92% of all click throughs, so if you’re not on page 1 for the keywords your customers are searching for, you may as well not even be in the SERPs at all.

As previously mentioned, there are possibly thousands of metrics which Google and other search engines use to appraise a web page in relation to a keyword search. While no one knows what these metrics are for sure or the weight which search engines place on each one (and no one ever will, otherwise Google would be spammed and influenced to the point where they’d be irrelevent), it’s understood that there are a number of evergreen tactics which can be implemented to appeal to search engines to improve your site and page’s rankings for the keyword terms you’re trying to rank well for – the kinds of keywords which your customers are using to find businesses just like yours.

Our experts at Maryland SEO Services employ these safe, evergreen tactics on your behalf so that you see your rankings improve. Better rankings for you translates into more traffic and more customers for your business, which is what it’s all about.

Begin by filling out our marketing survey to tell us what you’re looking for, what your online marketing plan has been missing, and your business’s overall goals.

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