What is Black Hat SEO

what is black hat seo

Black hat SEO refers to employing tactics which are frowned upon by and can get you in big trouble with Google and other search engines. These are tactics which are seen as just being used to game the search engines and achieve better rankings for the websites/pages which use these tactics, whether or not those …

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What is White Hat SEO

what is white hat seo

White hat SEO refers to search engine optimization which is search engine friendly, or in other words tactics of SEO which won’t get you penalized. Google likes white hat SEO techniques because they don’t set out to game their system. A lot of white hat techniques are not even thought of as being SEO related …

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What is Link Bait?

what is link bait

Link bait refers to content which is attractive to other webmasters, causing them to easily and quickly link to it of their own volition. This is why link bait is the best kind of content you can and should create, because it’s the kind of content which is made for linking to which will garner …

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What is Link Juice?

what is link juice

Link juice is a phrase which a lot of online marketers use to describe the beneficial effects which a link from one site passes on to the site which its link is pointing toward. Link building is still one of the best things which you can do off site to improve your rankings in the …

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What is Link Building

what is link building

In the world of search engine optimization, a lot of different factors affect your web page’s ranking. One of those factors is the quantity and quality of other web pages linking to it. This brings us to the question of what is link building? What is Link Building? Link building is the practice of manually …

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