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Welcome to, the virtual address for Maryland based, Maryland SEO Services. We offer evergreen and search engine friendly services designed to improve your business’ website’s visibility in major search engines like Google in order to bring in more clicks and traffic to your site, resulting in more customers for your business. Maryland SEO is decidedly different from conventional SEO in that you’re trying to rank for search terms and gain visibility for a brick and mortar business on a local level here in Maryland. The goal here is to generate in store attention, visits, and general business for your physical location. Local search results themselves differ from conventional search results. Searching for “Baltimore Dentists”, you’ll likely see something like this which is known as “local listings”: 

… and you’ll likely even see a full scale local map like this which corresponds with the local listings:  Google and similar search engines are getting increasingly more intelligent at determining what their users are really looking for when they do a local search and are now prioritizing relevant, local businesses in their search engine results pages (SERPs). Your business’ success can be made or broken depending upon your positioning and visibility in local listings such as these. Fortunately, there’s nothing random about how search engines determine which websites and business listings appear when it comes to local searches such as the one above. There are a number of things which can be done to seriously improve your business’ organic search ranking, leading to more clicks which leads to more traffic and customers for your businesses rather than your competitors. Maryland SEO Services specializes in helping Maryland based businesses reach their customers directly by way of reliable, top organic search engine listings.

What Does Maryland SEO Services Do to Help My Business’ Website Rank High in Google and Other Search Engines? We use a number of different evergreen tactics which have been proven to positively impact the rankings of web pages of sites which use them. Like conventional SEO, it all begins with targeting the right keywords. Keyword value is based upon four important factors:

Relevancy – First and foremost we have relevancy. The keywords you target should be relevant to your niche. Not only will this help you rank for them, but there’s no point in targeting a keyword which is irrelevant to your business’ niche as it will confuse your customers and not do you any good.

Search Volume – The number of times someone searches for that keyword or keyword phrase in a given day, week, month, etc. If no one is searching for a keyword, it won’t do you any good to rank well for it. The more searches that keyword gets, the more traffic it’s going to bring to whomever is ranking well for it.

Competition – This is really strength of competition. If the competition of a keyword is too strong, meaning it’s too difficult to displace the sites which are currently ranking well for it from the top, then it’s not worth the time to target it.

Commerciality – This one is a bit more difficult to describe, but basically commerciality relates to keywords which specifically are going to help bring you traffic which will convert. An obvious but good example to explain the difference is someone who searches for “buy guitar” is likely far more interested to make a purchase as opposed to someone who searches for simply “guitar” itself. You want to target those kinds of keywords which won’t simply bring someone to your website, but will bring someone who is ready to go from visitor to customer very quickly.   Starting with location based modifiers which are specific to your geographic market, then implementing these four factors can yield to some explosive golden local keywords which can then be implemented effectively on your site. This is simply the beginning, however. The best thing which you can do is go to our “free local SEO audit” page to receive a FREE local SEO audit from us and take the first step to improving your business’ online visibility and exponentially growing your customer-base.