What is Link Bait?

Link bait refers to content which is attractive to other webmasters, causing them to easily and quickly link to it of their own volition. This is why link bait is the best kind of content you can and should create, because it’s the kind of content which is made for linking to which will garner you a great deal more traffic and links.

what is link bait

Create good link bait and your job will be largely done for you. Link bait is basically any kind of content which encourages another webmaster to link to your site from theirs. The content should be something which they believe that their audience would benefit from and it should be unique content which you can’t easily find elsewhere on the Internet.

Now here are a few examples of link bait in various mediums to get you started.

Examples of Link Bait

Case Study – A typical post doesn’t make for great link bait because text isn’t as easy to share as images or video, but a case study usually performs well because you’re typically sharing actual stats or at least results which you have found through actual experimentation. This is the kind of content which other webmasters and enthusiasts of your niche will be interested in.

Infographics – Infographics are images which show some kind of information, typically statistics. Images are a lot easier to share than a block of text, therefore combine your block of text with an image to get an infographic and share it with your audience on your site, email list, social networks, etc. and see it get shared over and over. Just make sure that you brand it with a watermark of your company/URL so everyone is reminded where that great info came from after being shared for the thousandth time.

Videos – Videos are pretty self-explanatory and extremely sharable. Everyone’s heard the term “went viral” as it relates to the Internet, particularly regarding videos. Make a funny or very informing video relating to your niche and release it across the various video networks and platforms.

Creating good link bait means that the links and traffic come to you with little further effort required on your part, so strap on that thinking cap and start creating some clever bait which relates to your niche and start sharing.

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