What is An Authority Site?

An authority site is a slightly generic and admittedly ambiguous term for a website with a great deal of authority. Perhaps the better question to answer is what gives a website authority, so let's address and answer the question of what is an authority site right now in this article.

What Is An Authority Site?

A site is said to have authority based on a small handful of criteria:

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO refers to search engine optimization which is search engine friendly, or in other words tactics of SEO which won't get you penalized.

Google likes white hat SEO techniques because they don't set out to game their system. A lot of white hat techniques are not even thought of as being SEO related many times because these include things which webmasters would do anyway.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to employing tactics which are frowned upon by and can get you in big trouble with Google and other search engines. These are tactics which are seen as just being used to game the search engines and achieve better rankings for the websites/pages which use these tactics, whether or not those rankings are truly deserved based on their own merit of good content.

Types of Anchor Text

All anchor text you might use can be dropped into one of three categories: keyword rich, generic, and brand. It's essential in this Google era of over optimization penalties that everything seem and look natural. What this means in regards to anchor text is that you get a nice healthy mix of all three.

But what do each of the three mean? Let's cover each of the three types of anchor text:

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