What Are User Metrics?

what are user metrics

Search engines such as Google have hundreds if not thousands of ranking factors which they take into consideration to determine the ranking order of web pages and content in their search engines for any particular given term. The unique algorithms which each search engine uses to determine the ranking order is of course kept a …

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The SEO Benefits of SSL

seo benefits of ssl

As security online becomes a greater concern and issue in this day and age, SSL connections are becoming more the norm. This stands for secure sockets layer and is basically a secure tunnel which information can be exchanged between a user of a website and the website itself. Any website can become SSL certified at …

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3 Reasons to Switch to a CMS

use a cms

If your website is still a static HTML based site, you’re not alone. There are still millions upon millions of these static such sites which exist all around the world. HTML has a few benefits to its credit, including simplicity. It’s clean and works on without issue on most browsers and devices. But there are …

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Types of Anchor Text

types of anchor text

All anchor text you might use can be dropped into one of three categories: keyword rich, generic, and brand. It’s essential in this Google era of over optimization penalties that everything seem and look natural. What this means in regards to anchor text is that you get a nice healthy mix of all three. But …

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What is Link Velocity

what is link velocity

Link velocity refers to how quickly you build links to your website. The key to link velocity is consistency. This means that you shouldn’t build or receive just a few links for a few months and then all of a sudden ratchet it up to hundreds or thousands of new links. This will look unnatural …

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What is Black Hat SEO

what is black hat seo

Black hat SEO refers to employing tactics which are frowned upon by and can get you in big trouble with Google and other search engines. These are tactics which are seen as just being used to game the search engines and achieve better rankings for the websites/pages which use these tactics, whether or not those …

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What is White Hat SEO

what is white hat seo

White hat SEO refers to search engine optimization which is search engine friendly, or in other words tactics of SEO which won’t get you penalized. Google likes white hat SEO techniques because they don’t set out to game their system. A lot of white hat techniques are not even thought of as being SEO related …

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What is Link Bait?

what is link bait

Link bait refers to content which is attractive to other webmasters, causing them to easily and quickly link to it of their own volition. This is why link bait is the best kind of content you can and should create, because it’s the kind of content which is made for linking to which will garner …

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