3 Reasons to Switch to a CMS

If your website is still a static HTML based site, you’re not alone. There are still millions upon millions of these static such sites which exist all around the world. HTML has a few benefits to its credit, including simplicity. It’s clean and works on without issue on most browsers and devices. But there are innumerable reasons to switch to a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal.

use a cms

Let’s talk about three major reasons why you should think about making the switch to running your personal or business website on a content management system today.

1 – SEO Benefits

First, content management system run websites are inherently more dynamic than their static HTML based peers. Search engines prefer content management systems because the medium lends itself to regular uploads far more than static HTML sites. This is because these sites are so simple to add new content via their simplified dashboards.

More than that, content management systems make on page SEO idiot-proof through basic and sometimes built in SEO applications. This means as the author of your content, all you practically need to do is specify the keyword phrases you’re attempting to rank for and you can rest easy knowing the on page SEO is taken care of so you can focus driving traffic to that content and earning natural links.

2 – Versatility

It’s simple to make drastic changes to the look and feel of your website when its powered by a content management system versus an HTML template. Content management systems make use of additional coding languages besides plain HTML or CSS to give you so much more control over the site from both an aesthetic as well as a practical standpoint.

For instance, there are thousands if not millions of plugins and modules for WordPress and Drupal, respectively which are as simple as installing and activating on your site to meet virtually any need you can think of in terms of visuals or usability/compatibility on your site. These “apps” cut the learning curve and time you have to spend working to achieve the results you want to practically nothing.

3 – Ease

Perhaps best of all, content management systems make interacting with your website as easy as possible. I referenced this earlier, but when you want to create a new “static” page or article on your website, it’s as simple as clicking on a link to create a new piece of content in your dashboard and using the WYSIWYG text editor to create your content with text, images, or any other kind of multimedia you want to integrate.

Modern content management systems such as the latest versions of, yes once again, WordPress and Drupal are largely idiot proof, particularly WordPress. They will only continue to become easier to use as user accessibility jumps higher on the list of priorities with these CMS’.

Let Maryland SEO Services seamlessly transition your website to being powered by a content management system today. It’s secure, will help your rankings, and is far easier to make changes to your website than any other method. Begin by filling out the form on the right of this website to contact Maryland SEO Services or write paul@marylandseoservices.net today.

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